Public Performances

Most of my shows are done for private groups. But I do have some public shows where anyone can come and see my program. This is a great opportunity for you to see my show before you book it for your special event.

Sound Lounge entertainment for MOA, 2013.

If you are planning to come to one of my performances, you may want to contact me ahead of time to verify the start time and get directions as some shows require a last minute change.

Performing at the Eiffel Tower, 1997.

LEGO sculpture at the Mall of America, 2006.

If you are viewing this schedule on your phone, hold it in LANDSCAPE position to see the best view.
2019 Upcoming Performance Schedule
June 17-July 3
July 11
Little Falls
Little Falls Library
July 11
Staples Library
August 6
Elko New Market
Nite to Unite Parties
August 17
McLeod County Fair

Dazzling Dave

Dave Schulte first picked up a yo-yo as a stressed out college student in 1993, and has never really put it down since!

He started his first career as a Technology Education teacher, but his drive to learn more about yo-yos, and to teach others, has lead him to a career as a Yo-Yo Professional!

Dave travels the world teaching and entertaining with his yo-yos and spintops. If you are interested in the basic physics behind spinning things, the skill involved to learn them, or just want entertainment, contact Dave today!


"Dave was simply outstanding! From his expertise with yo-yos to his ability to relate to children, Dave provided a first rate experience. I would highly recommend this program."
Michelle Steward, Principal. Munster, IN

"Dave's show brought about good communication and interaction between the students. It is very rewarding to see the children working together to learn a new skill."
Mike Kochendofer, School Social Worker. Portage, IN


"Dazzling Dave's show was fantastic. The kids were amazed, and the teachers were thrilled with the science program. His flexibility made our school fun day a huge success."
DeAnn Robertson, PTO. Duluth, MN

"Watching Dazzling Dave and his yo-yos is like watching a happy little tornado. When he is done, your hair is mussy, and you want to leave it that way for a while!"
Lori Buffington, Fan. Blaine, MN

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