Science of Spin Program

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I have been performing the FREE Science of Spin program since January of 2000 all across the Midwest. I spend an entire day at your school (sometimes multiple days). I deliver a program based on science and having fun safely. I use yo-yos and other sporting equipment to capture the attention of the entire school. I then spend the rest of the day working with the P.E. department or science classes teaching the students how to yo-yo. My program fits in great with the P.E. curriculum. Hand-eye coordination, throwing and catching skills, and balance are all stressed throughout the day. It is a great way to help the students build a skill they will enjoy for a lifetime, and teach them about the physics that is happening around them everyday.

This program is FREE for schools as well as a potential fund-raiser to the school. The fund-raiser is possible, by having yo-yos available for sale to the students for one week following the show. To learn more about the program, either download the brochure in the right column, or contact me using the contact information bar at the bottom of the page.


Download my:
Electronic brochure

If you would like a hard copy mailed to you, please email your address and a request, and I will mail it out to you immediately.

Here's what some educators have said about this unique nation wide program:

“Dave had the P.E. activity so well organized and every student received individual instruction. I did not know anything about yo-yos, and in one day Dave taught me all I needed to know." Julie Castellano, P.E. Instructor- Coon Rapids, MN

"Dave was simply outstanding! From his expertise with yo-yos to his ability to relate to children, Dave provided a first-rate experience. I would highly recommend this program." Michelle Stewart, Principal- Munster, IN

"Dave's Show brought about good communication and interaction between the students. It is very rewarding to see the children working together." Mike Kochendofer, School Social Worker- Portage, IN

"The science demonstration provided was excellent. I especially appreciated the emphasis on student safety. I can, without reservation, recommend this presentation to any elementary school." Cynthia Sicilia, Principal - Custer, WA

"Every teacher came to me with glowing reports about how wonderful the program was. Safety was a highlight, our general behavior problems during recess periods have decreased dramatically. The program "Science of Spin" receives my highest endorsement" Ken Miller, Principal - Chico, CA

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