Artist in Residence

Art is a very unique thing, it can be displayed on a canvas or can be performed for a group. The type of art I perform and teach is the art of yo-yo play and display. Depending on exactly what your school needs, I come into your building, and teach all of the students about the yo-yo. Not just the basic tricks, but also about they work, and how to perform with a yo-yo. The program can be as short as one day with a small group, or as long as you need it to be for me to teach all of the students.

Objectives the students will learn:
• The science principles acting upon yo-yos.
• The basic tricks using a yo-yo.
• Understand the contest structure of the National Yo-Yo League.
• How to put together an entertaining show they can perform for friends and family. A select group of students can perform at a talent show or assembly.

The show fee is based off of each school's specific needs as far as number of days classes and students. Please contact me for specific cost information.

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