Guinness World Records(tm)
I have broken the record for "Fastest time to knock 15 coins off the ear of 15 participants with a yo-yo". It took me 1:33 seconds to knock off the coins. Check out a video of it here: VIDEO



AYYA Records

The American Yo-Yo Association is the organization in charge of testing and tracking the World Yo-Yo Records.
I have held a few world records.

Eli Hop
120 Hops using a Dif-e-Yo Bare bones. The record was set at the 2005 World Yo-Yo Championships.

Trapeze Regeneration
224 regenerations. I used a Yomgea Hyperwarp Heavy Wing. The record was set at the 2005 MWR Championships.

Longest Shoot the Moon- Video
13' 2" (thirteen feet, two inches). I used a Yo-Yo Jam Aquarius. The record was set at the 2006 World Yo-Yo Championships.

Fixed Axle Sleeper
Sleep time to extinction was 58.34 seconds. I used a Doble Calypso yo-yo. The record was set at the 2004 National Yo-Yo Championships.

I am very proud of this record, it was originally set by Dale Oliver, and stood for almost 15 years until I broke it. Since that time, the record has been broken numerous times with a new Yo-Yo Jam yo-yo designed solely to smash the record. The Yo-Yo Jam DJ is an amazingly long spinning fixed axle yo-yo that holds the record at over 3 minutes.

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