Cub Scout Banquets

The cub scout entertainment show is perhaps my favorite type of entertainment. I often say my show is as much for the adults as it is for the kids. Not only are the scouts, siblings and parents entertained by the show, but they are excited about learning how to do the tricks. The best part for the scouts is that they are with the one group of people that can help them learn the most, their family. It is so great to see parents and kids working together to learn how to yo-yo.
I can do my show for your Blue and Gold Banquet, or for any other cub scout meeting during the year.
Sometimes having my program at the start of the scouting season is a fun way to kick off the year.

The show fee is a reduced rate of $250 because of the amazing referral network scouting is basically a group discount.
It is best to have my program be at the end of the agenda, as I have yo-yos available for sale after the program (see my store for details) There is also a travel fee depending on your specific location.

I also have a program where I will follow a show with individual den workshops. It is a great way to make sure the kids who bought a yo-yo are learning how to use it.
Den Workshop cost $75.00 for 1 hour.

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