Camp Program

This program is very flexible, and can be tailored to your specific needs. I can work with a day camp, as well as week long camps. We can get in depth, or just cover the basics. Our only limitation is time and number of campers.
When I do my Camp Program, I come to the camp, and do a show for the entire group. I then spend up to 45 minutes teaching up to 20 students in a workshop. This can be done for 1 day, or multiple days giving the campers a chance to learn a lot about yo-yos and develop a new skill. I bring along a class set of yo-yos for the kids to use, or we can have a fee for the workshops, and the kids will be able to keep the yo-yo.

The show fee is $300, and $100 for each workshop needed to see all the campers. There is a multi day discount if you have a large camp. To see the yo-yo purchase options see my yo-yo store page. There may also be a travel fee depending on your specific location.

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